>> We are trying to say something; we are trying to change things; we are trying to take performance to another level; we are trying to integrate newest technology in a way that no one ever has; we are trying to continue to write great songs; we are trying to write hooks and have great choruses; we are trying to talk about real life; our lives; situations; things that people can actually identify with – real life, love, relationships, all the things that I used to love in music. We are trying to keep passion in music…—Ryan Shuck

Julien-K - Promo Pic 2012

>> What’s this inactivity? I can show you the way! <<

The bass sound on maximal acoustic pressure; the radiant white headlights on the high end of the brightness scale; the cram-full dancefloor on the brink of ecstasy… Already during the first split seconds of the eponymous opening song, Julien-K are dictating a completely redefined direction of the US electro rock revolutionaries!

After their successfully completed world tour, frontman Ryan Shuck, guitarist Amir Derakh, and keyboarder Anthony “Fu” Valcic have just returned from the year 3013. Julien-K are back. Stronger than ever, dancefloor-oriented, futuristic. High-gloss pop for dark carpets, somewhere between Future Disco and death star. Two years after the release of their groundbreaking debut Death To Analog, Julien-K proudly present the most modern, most individual and most stirring album of the year! We’re Here With You – welcome to the future!

Already at the start of the legendary predecessor band Orgy back in the mid-90ies, the focus shifted away from only making music: A fascinating synthesis of arts, fashion and a previously unheard hybrid sound, exceeding all imaginations or blasting powers. An idea that led to maximal success, then and now: Millions of sold copies worldwide, dozens of multiplatinum awards, numerous top 10 hits in the Dance Charts, the Pop Charts and the Rock Billboard Charts, as well as completely sold-out world tours on par with formations such as Linkin Park, Rammstein, KoRn and many others definitely speak for themselves. At last, Ryan, Amir, Elias Rodriguez (who left the band in December 2011 to be with his family), and Fu even made up the backing band for Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington’s side project Dead By Sunrise, causing a wave of excitement among the masses around the globe.

With the sophomore release of the guys’ main project Julien-K, another decisive step has been taken: We’re Here With You is, above all, the result of strong characters drawing their inspirations from thousands of different sources and letting the music speak for itself – both in the form of a studio band and a live act, bursting from positive energies. On We’re Here With You, the focus is simply and solely on the essential: Outstanding tracks without any stylistic limits – digital dancefloor kicks up the ass!

Along with a carefully hand-picked team of electro experts from the European underground club scene, such as the British duo Motor, techno producer Sam Vandal, DJ Hyper (BT, Paul van Dyk), the renowned electronic remixer Sharooz (Moby, Robyn, Propellerheads), the tech-house duo Z-Listers or the French DJ Benjamin Vial, Julien-K have distilled the best elements of their 2010 debut album, parted ways with useless ballast and created We’re Here With You – a future milestone of the indietronic genre! Glossy pop, dancefloor rock and a mysteriously wafting fog of artificial ice, as Amir Derakh explains it.

“Everything has this complete ‘Let’s get the party started’ vibe. Instead of piling on with it, we simplified everything this time and reduced it to the necessary. I think with these tracks we have found our real style – also thanks to all these different collaborations overshadowing the album. With our DJ side project Circuit Freq, Fu and I had already worked with these international artists who slowly became close friends. That also explains the title We’re Here With You. The record is both a tribute to people like Vial, Hyper or Sharooz, and to all our fans in the whole world who have been loyal supporters for many years!”

We’re Here With You – ten acoustic postcard greetings from London, Paris or Berlin, which in the meantime turned into the second home of the Californians. Wrapped up in futuristic sounds and tricky arrangements documenting the enormous stylistic development of Julien-K. No compromises, but rather the realization of a fresh and exciting redefinition in terms of sound and look. The literal look beyond the stylistic edge, in order to create something never-before-seen. Born from personal catastrophes such as stranded relationships or deep-rooted disappointments, the tracks from We’re Here With You might be the most moving and most powerful Julien-K songs ever. Positive thinking against the adversities of life, as the title track already proves.

“A collaboration with the duo Motor. These sizzling synthies span across the whole song, rounded off by this great, dirty, sexy The Clash riff. Almost a bit like ZZ Top meets The Prodigy. Or Franz Ferdinand with balls…”

“Palm Springs Reset”: “I sat at a pool in Palm Springs with someone very special. She smiled, and the sun was reflected in her eyes. Suddenly these lyrics popped up in my head – so I shortly walked around the corner, typed the lyrics into my iPhone, hummed the melody into it and sat down with her again. Hey, I just wrote a song about you – thank you very much for the inspiration!”

“Cruel Daze Of Summer”: “A song made with our brothers Z-Listers from Brighton. The creation was a true nightmare – there were thousands of different versions. We were already about to give up, as it suddenly clicked and just worked out! And now that song contains one of the best refrains that we ever wrote!”

“Breakfast In Berlin”: “Sharooz visited us in the studio, plugged in his instruments and just started jamming straight on. This sleazy, bluesy vintage guitar could have been from Joy Division… The lyrics are about all these shabby, exciting places around the world where you meet the coolest people and experience the most insane stories. No matter if in Berlin, Paris, or London. It is about an all-night partying experience where you afterwards take the train to a new adventure!”

“Close Continuance”: “This track was born in some night where I found myself alone on the floor of my kitchen. Just a note pad, a bottle of whiskey and myself. The original version was a lot darker, but the boys have brightened it up a bit. I served them death on a silver plate – but nowadays there is at least some light at the end of the tunnel!”

“I`ll Try Not To Destroy You”: “This track was originally an acoustic song that we completely changed. Probably one of the most emotional JK “mental cinema songs” and a wonderful last song for the album!”

Okay, then spotlight on and amplifier turned to the max – Julien-K is in da house. More intoxicating than ever before!