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We’re Here With You (Remixes)
Release Dare: March 13, 2012

Julien-K - We're Here With You (Remix EP)

01. Flashpoint Riot (Neon Stereo Remix)
02. Breakfast In Berlin (Sharooz Remix)
03. Nights Of Future Past (Vandal Remix)
04. We’re Here With You (Black Asteroid Remix)
05. Surrounded By Cowards (Benjamin Vial Remix)
06. Cruel Daze Of Summer (Z-Listers Remix)

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Death To Digital X
Release Date: April 27, 2010

Julien-K - Death To Digital X (Remixes)

01. Someday Soon (Headcleanr Remix)
02. Stranded (Jagz Kooner Remix)
03. Disease (Franz & Shape Remix)
04. Forever (Bon Harris Remix)
05. Kick The Bass (She Wants Revenge Remix)
06. Systeme De Sexe (Combichrist Remix)
07. Death To Analog (Mike Shinoda Remix)
08. Technical Difficulties (Photek Remix)
09. Dreamland (Dave The Hustler – In Hustler’s Dreams Remix)
10. Technical Difficulties (iPunk Remix)
11. Death To Analog (Tim Palmer’s Xtended Dub)
12. Someday Soon (Fu’s Dirty Edit)
13. Systeme de Sexe (iPunk Remix)
14. Technical Difficulties (Bryan Black Remix)
15. Maestro (Brandon Belsky Remix)
16. Technical Difficulties (Bryan Black Synth Attak)
17. Disease (Chris Holmes Remix)

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Death To Digital X (Instrumental EP)
Release Date: March 24, 2010

Julien-K - Death To Digital X (Remixes)

01. Technical Difficulties (Photek Remix – Instrumental)
02. Disease (Franz & Shape Remix – Instrumental)
03. Technical Difficulties (iPunk Remix – Instrumental)
04. Dreamland (Dave The Hustler Remix – Instrumental)
05. Systeme de Sexe (iPunk Remix – Instrumental)
06. Technical Difficulties (Bryan Black Remix – Instrumental)



Spiral (Remixes)
Release Date: July 27, 2009

Julien-K - Spiral (Remixes)

01. Spiral (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
02. Spiral (Paul Oakenfold Remix – Instrumental)
03. Spiral (BSOD Remix)
04. Spiral (BSOD Dub)
05. Spiral (Felix Cartal Remix)
06. Spiral (Felix Cartal Remix – JK DJS Edit)
07. Spiral (Felix Cartal Remix – Instrumental)
08. Spiral (Tronik Youth Remix)
09. Spiral (Tronik Youth Dub)

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Kick The Bass (Remixes)
Release Date: March 10, 2009

Julien-K - Kick The Bass (Remixes)

01. Kick The Bass (Dave Audé Extended Remix)
02. Kick The Bass (Dave Audé Club Dub)
03. Kick The Bass (Dave Audé Club Instrumental)
04. Kick The Bass (Dave Audé Mixshow)
05. Kick The Bass (Dave Audé Radio Edit)
06. Kick The Bass (Stupid Fresh Supagroove Remix)
07. Kick The Bass (Dopamine Remix)
08. Kick The Bass (Z-Listers Remix)
09. Kick The Bass (Z-Listers Dub)
10. Kick The Bass (DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious Remix)
11. Kick The Bass (DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious Dub)
12. Kick The Bass (DJ Escape and Johnny Vicious Instrumental)
13. Kick The Bass (Virgin Tears & Fu – Kick the Freebase Remix)
14. Kick The Bass (Derek {K} & Boycott Club Mix)
15. Kick The Bass (Derek {K} & Boycott Club Mix Instrumental)

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Someday Soon (Remixes)
Release Date: January 06, 2009

Julien-K - Someday Soon (Remixes)

01. Someday Soon (Motor Deconstruct Mix)
02. Someday Soon (Motor Remix V2)
03. Someday Soon (Motor V2 Dub)
04. Someday Soon (Fu’s Darkmatter Remix)
05. Someday Soon (Fu’s Darkmatter Dub)

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Maestro (Remixes)
Release Date: November 04, 2008

Julien-K - Maestro (Remixes)

01. Maestro (Koma + Bones Remix)
02. Maestro (Koma + Bones Dub)

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Look At U (Remixes)

Release Date: September 30, 2008

Julien-K - Look At U (Remixes)

01. Look At U (Deadmau5 Remix)
02. Look At U (Deadmau5 Holland 9000 Remix)

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